Launching “Quick Cow Tips!”

Writing long and detailed texts is great, because it provides people with important information regarding the background of a situation, extensive explanations of how something functions, adequate sources, and links to further reading, to name a few.

But sometimes long and detailed texts are not helpful. When you’re faced with a situation that requires action right now, what is necessary are simple, clear and quick instructions on how to go about solving the issue.

That’s why I took some of the lengthy articles I’ve written about problems that can occur everyday at the farm, and I made them into a list of reader-friendly instructions that fit in a single page. The aim is to have these printed and stored nearby, so that they can come in handy when you need to quickly remember how to deal with a situation.

I’ve used colors and clear letters with spacing to make this easily readable and fun to have around. Then I gave a name to the series: “Quick Cow Tips!” 🙂 Three topics are available for the time being, but according to demand and necessity I am intending to make at least a few more.


You can download the following topics in pdf format:

  1. Calves with diarrhea – Homemade oral fluid therapy (full-length post here)
  2. Fixing stiff legs after birth (full-length post here)
  3. Minor injury how-to (full-length post here)


If you’d like to have a topic translated into another language, please send me the translated text in a document file, and I will do my best to try and fit it in the template! 🙂 The result will be uploaded on the website, with credits for your translation.


If you have an idea of how to make these instructions better or feel that something doesn’t look right, please feel free to contact me so we can make it better! Advice and comments are always welcome!

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